About us

About Us

We’re picky and we admit it. Most vitamins and nutritional supplements simply don’t live up to our standards. While our selection may be smaller than online mega vitamin stores, each of our products is produced to impeccable standards and reflects the latest research.

Although you may not be familiar with all the brand names you find here, they are the best of the best. Most are only sold through health practitioners.Why do we spend so much time selecting and developing our products?
Because we have a passion for helping people and we know that not all help comes packaged in a prescription bottle. And that help doesn’t have to come with a page of possible side effects.
You see, in the offline world we run a busy integrated medical clinic with a focus on nutrition and alternative therapies. It was our patients’ health concerns that inspired us to develop our own line of nutritional supplements. Too often the supplements they were taking just didn’t stack up.

James Mixon, D.C.

Kerrin Kuntzman

Serious nutrition – No fluff

That led us to team up with industry leaders to develop vitamins that would deliver on their promises. After working with a group of nutritional experts including dietitians, nutritionists and scientists, we developed the Frontrunners Health line of supplements. With our line of products, you can feel confident that we’ve invested the research, time and money to create the best nutritional supplements available.
Following the introduction of our nutritional supplements, we’ve been blessed to receive testimonials from people of all ages. And we’ve got to tell you….there’s nothing more exciting than hearing from someone who’s regained their energy, stamina and hope.

We want you to feel the same way.

If you’re ready to learn why our customers are so loyal, take a look at our product page. In addition to the Frontrunners Health brand, we also have a select offering of vitamins produced by other high quality manufacturers.

So why not give our products a try? Every product we sell is covered by our 100% money back guarantee, so there is absolutely no risk.

We believe you’ll feel the difference.