Hedron EMF Protection Necklace - Safely Reduce Your Exposure



The Hedron EMF protection necklace delivers round the clock protection from cell phone towers, WIFI, Electrical Wiring and even Geopathic Stress.

This pendant includes Hedron’s largest EMF Harmonizer along with added Biofield support. When a person is wearing the EMF protection necklace, the Biofield Support Technology is designed to enhance blood cells, DNA, brain, eyes, overall BioField, and more. This device measures over 1,100,000 units on the Bovis Scale. The Bovis Scale I used to measure life force energy levels of people, objects, places, food and medicines and any other substance. A rating of 6500 is considered a neutral reading above 6500 is positive and health enhancing.

an image of bovis chart
Added Durability

The Hedron Pendant now comes with an optional seal which protects the device from water and perspiration.

Why wearing an EMF Protection Necklace is a Wise Investment

We are constantly being bombarded by a wide array of
radiofrequency (or “RF”) energy, which includes radio waves and the type of microwaves used for providing telecommunications, broadcast and other services. These types of frequencies also come from the many satellites that travel overhead. Microwave ovens and radar are two additional examples of non-communications uses of RF energy.

This gives you a small indicator of the pervasive nature of EMF exposure.

Although in many cases this technology comes with many life-enhancing and even certain life-saving benefits, it also comes with many risks.

Warning EMF Symbol Sign,Radiation warning sign on the Hazardous materials transport label Class 7 at the aluminum container of transport truck

For example, Dr. David Carpenter, Dean at the School of Public Health State University of New York says 30% of all childhood cancers are associated with EMF exposure.

High frequency EMF waves lead to significant increase in blood pressure. Chronic exposure can result in disputed sleep, exhaustion, foggy thinking as well as muscle aches and pains.

The EMF pendant offers EMF protect for all forms of EMF including cell towers, WIFI, Electrical Wiring and Geopathic stress.

Here what our client, James M., had to say after buying a pendant and using it for a handful of days. “I never knew I had EMF sensitivity until I began sleeping straight through the night. I used to wake several time most nights until I began using the Hedron EMF device.”

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